Step by Step Snowflakes

1)    Flatten and smooth out one coffee filter. It will look like a pizza.

2)    Fold the coffee filter in half, like a taco.  I’m starting to get hungry!

3)    Fold one side of the coffee filter so it “looks like” two equal slices of pizza.  Each "slice" is one third of the “taco” shape.

4)    Fold the opposite side over the top of the folded side to make a “one slice of pizza” triangle shape.  The edges should line up.

5)    Next, fold the “pizza slice” in half.     Press the folds with your fingers to make the “pizza slice” as flat as possible.

6)    Using sharp scissors, cut about 2.5 cm from the point to the end of the open edge (longer open edge). 

7)    Cut the folded side of the “pizza slice” with small triangles, etc.

8)    Carefully unfold the snowflake.

9) Flatten it out and admire your beautiful snowflake art!

10)  Hold it up high as you can, gently drop it, and let it fall through the air. Does it slowly float down to the floor like a real snowflake?

11)  Make a lot more snowflakes with your friends, but tell your parents that you are using their coffee filters!